Getting Started

  • Signing Up
    Signing up on PixelMarket is required in order to either buy or sell products. Though you can view the site and browse for items and services as a guest, you cannot purchase anything without being registered. When registering you must provide an email, username, password, birthday and gender. You must also agree to the terms of the site. You’re then required to activate your account via a confirmation email.
  • Becoming a Seller
    In order to sell anything on PixelMarket, you must register on the site and then click the “Sell” button in the top right corner of the website. You will then be required to enter a URL shop key that will be used to differentiate your shop from all the others. Example: In the above example, “my-item-shop” is the URL shop key.
  • Commonly Used Terms
    Buyer: A registered user who is actively searching items and/or making purchases from vendors.
    Cart: A buyer may add different items, from a single seller, to their shopping cart to purchase.
    Category: The break down of game developers, their games, and each game's item or service type.
    Dashboard: A default landing page containing basic information. The "Account" button takes you to your customer account dashboard, while the "Sell" button takes you to your seller dashboard.
    Disputes: Disagreements experienced during an order between a buyer and vendor.
    Order: When a buyer purchases an item or service.
    Profile: All registered members of PixelMarket have a public profile, where they're able to upload a custom avatar for use on the site. The profile also contains achievements, rankings and buying score.
    Review and Rating: Vendors can receive reviews from previous buyers consisting of 5 star ratings of different criteria, along with a summary of the transaction.
    Ticket System: The Ticket System is located within your Account page and can be used for disputes, general support and requesting refunds.
    Vendor: A registered user who has signed up to sell items or services on PixelMarket.
  • Fees
    Our current fee system is integrated with the ranking system for buyers and sellers. Fees for buyers depend on the subtotal of the order, while fees for sellers depend on the category of the item sold. For a detailed list of fees and rank requirements, please click here.

Customer Accounts

  • Account Dashboard
    From your account dashboard, you can view a quick snapshot of your account information that you provided at registration. You can also view your most recent purchases from sellers in the form of an order table.
  • Account Info
    Your account information tab allows you to change your email and password to your entire account.
  • My orders
    Here you can view all of the orders you’ve placed over the life of your account. By clicking each order, you can view all details of the specific order.
  • Wishlist
    In your wishlist page, you can view all items you’ve added to your wishlist, as well as remove or edit them.
  • Public profile
    Your public profile allows you to upload an avatar which can be seen by all of the other users on PixelMarket. Your public profile is used for other members, mainly vendors, to get in contact with past, current or future buyers.
  • My invitation
    The invitation page provides every registered member with a "broadcast link". By sending this to guests, it will register as your r
  • Reward points
    The reward points page will show you up to date information about the point system. It will include your current balance, current exchange rates and history of awarded points and used points. Points cannot be redeemed for actual cash, but instead used towards purchases you make on the site. It also allows you to suscribe to and unscribe from balance updates via email.
  • Referred friends
    The referred friends page shows you current balances and discounts you have that are gained from referring friends to PixelMarket. It provides a link you can send to friends, as well as a form that allows you to refer friends by email, five at a time.
  • My tickets
    Here you can view the history of all tickets that you've opened with PixelMarket. It's also where you can reply to currently "In Progress" tickets with the support staff.
  • New ticket
    This page allows you to open new tickets for various reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to:
    Disputes: If you have an issue with a buyer or seller, you can open a ticket and our staff will help you resolve it.
    General Support: If you have any questions about the site, wish to report a bug, make a suggestion or have an inquiry regarding your payment.
    Refund Requests: Instead of disputing on PayPal, we request that you make a ticket if you wish to request a refund. Refunds are typically given without question if neither party has confirmed the delivery of an item/service.
  • Inbox
    The inbox page contains all past and current chats with other users. The inbox page is synced with the live chat where you can talk to other users on any given page of the site.

Seller Accounts

  • Dashboard
    The seller's dashboard provides a plethora of information. In the top four boxes, you can view:
    Total Pending Amount (Red Box): The amount that has been purchased from you, whether the buyer's payment is still Pending or successful. (Remember, never trade a buyer if the Buyer's Payment Status is "Pending".)
    Total Earned Amount (Green Box): This amount is the total that has been paid to you by PixelMarket.
    Total Orders Placed (Yellow Box): This is the total number of orders that have been placed for your products, including all canceled and successful orders.
    Total Products Sold (Blue Box): This is the total number of products that you've successfully sold.

    The next box contains important "Need to Knows" for all sellers. Be sure to read these to avoid encountering troubling issues in the future.
    Below this you can view an overview of your latest orders. Remember, most of the important order information is contained in the "Orders" tab.
    Next you can view various statistics regarding your orders. Including a bar graph that can display stats by day, week, month or year, a pie graph displaying your currently listed product statuses, and a map displaying the countries your buyers have placed orders from with specifics when you hover over a country.
  • Vendor profile
    The sellers profile page is where you view a snapshot of your seller information, including your desired currency, company logo, join date, shop URL key, vendor status, vendor group and any company or support information provided. By clicking the "Edit" button on the top right, you can edit most of this information.
  • New product
    The new product page will take you to the process of adding items and services. You begin by selecting the specific game and type of item/service you want to list and press "Continue". You are then taken to a page to fill in all the specific information needed for your listing. Specific details are provided on this page.
  • Manage products
    The manage product page loads a table that includes all of your currently listed items, whether enabled or disabled. Within the table, you can also see specifics for each item such as the product ID, an image, the name, type, status, price, and quantity. On the far right, you can choose to delete or edit each individual product.
  • Orders
    The orders page is one of the most important pages for a seller. On this page the seller can view all currently placed orders. The table includes the order ID, when it was purchased, by whom it was purchased, the grand total, the commission fee that will be collected by PixelMarket, the net earned (grand total minus commission fee), the buyer payment status, the vendor payment status, delivery confirmation and dispute option.

    By clicking the buyer's username in the table, you're taken to their profile page where you can begin a chat with them.
    The buyer's payment status is very important to pay attention to. There are three types of statuses that you will encounter:
    Canceled: This means the buyer either asked for a refund or canceled the order before finishing the payment process. Do not trade when this status is present.
    Pending: This means one of two things. The most common being that the payment was declined by the buyers bank or credit card company for various reasons. It can also mean Paypal denied the payment. The various reasons include, but are not limited to: recent Paypal account changes (new password, email, credit card), an uncommon amount of transactions being charged to your credit card or bank, or an uncommon amount in a single transaction being charged to your credit card or bank. Do not trade when this status is present.
    Paid: This is the all clear for a seller to go ahead with the delivery of an item or service. This means that the payment has cleared and PixelMarket has it.

    The seller confirmation column is where sellers confirm that the item or service has been 100% completely delivered or finished. By pressing this button, you are agreeing that you've completed the order. Once it's pressed, an email is dispatched to the buyer by the site to remind them to confirm delivery as well. However, it's always smart to remind them in chat or game as well, since sellers are not paid until both sides confirm delivery.
  • Transactions
    The transactions -> view transactions page contains information regarding payments from PixelMarket.
  • Reports
    The reports page contains information about previous orders and products.
  • Settings
    The settings page is where sellers go if they want to receive payments from PixelMarket. Though, who doesn't want to do that? It's as simple as setting the "Active" option to "Yes" and inserting your PayPal associated email and pressing "Save" in the top right corner.
  • Inbox
    The inbox page contains all past and current chats with other users. The inbox page is synced with the live chat where you can talk to other users on any given page of the site.


  • Customer profiles
    Every user, both buyers and sellers, have a customer profile. Currently these are only accessible if you know the exact link of a specific customer's profile, or by clicking a buyer's username in an order table. In the future, however, there will be a member list that will allow anyone to access any customer profile.
  • Vendor profiles (shop pages)
    A vendor's profile is considered their shop page. This is located by the shop URL key that the vendor set when they signed up to sell. The shop page includes a vendor's company banner, all of their products (filterable), username, logo, join date, option to chat with the vendor, the vendor's average rating (1-5 stars), the option to leave a review and a link to the vendor's GamerSoul vouch thread if applicable.


  • Becoming a vendor
    To begin selling on PixelMarket, you simply need to visit the "Sell" option after successfully registering on PixelMarket.
  • To get paid, you need to remember to set up your PayPal information in the Settings options in the Vendor Panel. After you begin selling items, your payments will be processed only after both buyer and seller have confirmed delivery of the item or service. Payments can take 3-5 days to be processed. Larger payments ($200+) will typically take no less than 3 days. If it has been over 5 days since you and the buyer have confirmed delivery, you can create a ticket and ask support for help.

    Click here to see fees for each rank, and rank requirements.

    Your fee is deducted from the overall total of the order. The order total is equal to the sum of your sold products and the buyer's fee.

    Also, remember to set your desired currency in your Vendor Profile to that of which you'd like to be paid in. If none is set, you will receive payments in the default currency PayPal provides, which is based upon your location.
  • Adding products
    Adding products is as simple as going to the "New product" tab and following the directions.
  • Messaging buyers
    If you wish to contact a buyer who has already made a purchase from you, click their username in your orders table within the Vendor Panel. Doing so will take you directly to their public member profile, and present you with the option to initiate a chat with them.
  • Disputes
    If you're having trouble with a buyer, please use the ticket system to open a dispute. Be sure to provide as much information as possible in the initial ticket. If necessary, provide evidence of the trade. This can include, but is not limited to, screenshots of conversations in game and video recordings of the trade happening. If you do not know of any software for doing this, please check out ShareX. It allows you to screenshot and record video with many options for uploading. The safest sellers will always urge the buyer to confirm that the trade is complete via messages on PixelMarket (chats cannot be edited by users), as well as urging their buyers to provide usernames, in game names or other important info (meetup spots, etc) in messages as well.

    If a buyer isn't confirming their delivery, please try to remind them via PixelMarket's chat FIRST, and then by any other contact method you've had with them. If they refuse or ignore, please submit a dispute ticket and provide evidence of the successful trade. PixelMarket will send them an email reminder, and if they do not reply within 24 hours, their account will be temporary limited (prevented from making further purchases) and the seller will be paid if enough evidence is provided.
  • Confirming deliveries
    After, and only after, a transaction with a buyer is complete, you can click the "Confirm" button within your order table in the Vendor Panel. You can only click this button once, and it will disappear after doing so. This button changes the status of "Seller Confirmation" in the order details within the Admin Panel to "Yes", which means you are saying the transaction is 100% complete. This button also sends a reminder email to the buyer to confirm on their end as well.
  • Reviews and ratings
    Currently reviews and ratings are available for everyone to use freely, whether a transaction was successful or not. Sellers are allowed to dispute a review by submitting a ticket, however, they will not be removed if the review is deemed legit.

    If a seller is caught collecting fake reviews or reviews for sales not done on PixelMarket, all of the seller's reviews will be removed and a temporary block will be placed on their account.


  • Searching for a seller
    If you're looking to find a specific seller by username, you can do so by clicking the "Pixel Sellers" button at the top of every page.
  • Searching for a product
    You can search for products by word by using the search bar at the top of every page.
  • Making a purchase
    Once you've found a thing or two, and you're ready to make the purchase, you have two options. You can either add the item to your cart or buy it right away. You can only add multiple items to your cart if they all belong to the same seller however.

    PixelMarket requires buyers to pay a service fee that helps cover a portion of the seller's fee. We feel strongly that we protect both buyers and sellers equally, and want to focus on both sides of the trade, whereas most other sites are seller-focused sites that require the seller to take 100% of the fee for the site. The buyer's fee is dependent on the order subtotal, as well as the buyer's rank. For a detailed list of the buyer's fees and ranks, please click here.
  • Messaging sellers
    You can contact any seller by visiting their shop. Their shop contains their profile, as well as all of their currently listed items on PixelMarket.
  • Disputes
    If you're having trouble with a seller, you're welcome to dispute the transaction by opening a ticket. Please provide as much information as possible in your initial ticket.
  • Refund requests
    If you would like a refund for any variety of reasons, submit a ticket under the "Refund request" option. Provide your order number, the seller and the reason for wanting a refund. Generally, if neither party has confirmed delivery of the item/service, a refund is issued once the ticket has been read by an Admin.
  • Charge backs
    Charging back due to simply wanting a refund can result in multiple issues for both the buyer and PixelMarket. Due to the nature of PixelMarket's content, charge backs can be a big red flag for PayPal and can lead to the site's PayPal account being limited. It also draws the refund process out longer for the buyer, as we need to investigate it more intimately to ensure there's nothing questionable. All charge backs also result in the buyers account being limited on PixelMarket until it's resolved.

    Charging back with the intent to scam or defraud PixelMarket has even worse repercussions. The account will be permanently blocked from the website, no matter the outcome of the dispute on PayPal. In addition, all information PixelMarket collects will be shared with other communities as a warning to keep the fraudster away.

    Warning for all attempting to scam or commit fraud: We collect enough information to easily defend ourselves on PayPal disputes. We have loads of experience in accurately tracking users in various ways.
  • Reviews and ratings
    After any successful or failed transaction, buyers are welcome and encouraged to write a short review and rate their sellers on different criteria. However, if you are intending on purposely causing harm to a sellers reputation without an adequate reason, it will be removed and you will be blocked.

Trust and Safety

  • Suspicious messages
    PixelMarket does not condone messaging users to harass, spam, advertise or harm them in any way. This includes being annoying or bothersome, or sending viruses or malware. If you believe someone is abusing the messaging system, please report them via a ticket or Support Forum.
  • Order cancellations
    Orders are allowed to be canceled. We prefer users using our ticket system to cancel orders and request refunds. Please see Buying > Refund Requests for more information on getting a full refund.
  • Paypal disputes
    PayPal disputes are treated very seriously. Opening a dispute against PixelMarket on PayPal puts the account at risk. If a buyer disputes a transaction on PayPal instead of requesting a refund via the site directly, the buyer’s account will be temporarily blocked until the dispute is resolved. Please see Buying > Charge backs for more information on disputes from potential scammers.
  • Review and rating disputes
    If you feel a review and rating was left on your account unfairly, you can open a ticket to have it investigated and potentially removed. Please be aware that the review must be considered harassment or fake in order to be removed. Reviews left due to a poor experience by a buyer is considered a legitimate review.

Getting Help and Support

  • Support forum Our staff will be completely willing to help and support any user openly on our forum. You can also private message staff on the forum if needed. The forum also provides a platform to offer suggestions, report bugs and read important announcements from staff members.
  • Creating a ticket
    Creating a ticket for issues provides the quickest and easiest way to get help and resolutions.
  • Email is our method of contact by email to resolve issues and provide help to users.
  • Discord
    Please visit our Discord page for an up to date link to our Discord.