What is "Instant Meso Delivery"?

Instant Meso Delivery refers to the entirely automatic sale of meso by offering direct access to the desired amount of meso. Instantly after a successful purchase, you are emailed a download link for a small text document (.txt) that contains login and email information for the account that will contain your meso. No worrying about taxes. No worrying about waiting for your delivery. You are then responsible for anything that happens to the downloaded information after purchase. You may need to check Auction House or Storage if all of your meso is not in your inventory.

Click here to download an example

Why must I be qualified?

Due to the speed at which the item is delivered and the size of some orders, it is more likely that some customers will charge back instantly after purchase, leaving us with no access to the meso and the money in which we were paid. If you don't qualify, you can still purchase meso from us, however, it will be delivered manually by one of our meso associates.

Current requirements to qualify:

Have a history of $50+ in successful past orders, with at least a week between the date of your first purchase and your last.

You may also qualify if you are placed into a special group by a staff member who deems you as trusted. More information below.

Applying to become "trusted":

Currently we are accepting applications to become trusted. To be deemed trusted, you must provide ample evidence that you are a trustworthy trader(only trades that deal with real money) in MapleStory. This means you must include links or images to vouches/trade history, for example vouches in popular Discord servers or forums. Maybe you took part in a past sale of instant meso here on PixelMarket? Let us know and we'll get you qualified instantly!

Create a new ticket (click here), select the "Trusted Meso Buyer Application" department, and include the necessary information.

Applications may take up to 48 hours to be reviewed and accepted or denied. If denied, you are welcome to re-apply once you have improved your trade history. If accepted, you will be placed into the Trusted Meso Buyer group and will immediately be able to purchase Instant Accounts.

Do I qualify?

Current qualifying status:

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